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Application, it's easy !

Just follow below process one by one, then you will be one of us !


Step 1.   Open "School" page of this Website, click "Conditions & Cost" button and read it.

Step 2.   Click "Application Form" on the same page, fill it down to "Departure date" (9th line), and send to, together with a copy of your passport page (page with your picture and personal information).


Step 3.   We send you back an invitation letter and an admission notice (if requested) for your Chinese entry visa application.

Step 4.   Apply visa to Chinese Embassy/Consulate/Visa Centre of your country, together with other requested documents (insurance/financial certificate etc…)

Step 5.   After getting your entry visa, please fill all remaining lines on “Application Form” and send it us back with a medical certificate (issued within 6 months/ Chinese translation not necessary), and a copy of your passport (Chinese entry visa page only), by e-mail latest two weeks prior to your arrival date.

*** medical certificate : the notice of your home doctor mentioning that you have no serious health problem and are apt to practice  kung fu).

Step 6.   We will pick you up on the date and to the place you requested on Application Form (optional).


For further information, please contact us by e-mail (English/Francais)

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