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Shaolin Secular Disciples' Union


"Shaolin secular disciples" means those who are unconstrained by Buddhist precepts and are specialized in martial arts training

Shaolin Secular Disciples' Union was founded in 2000, after around twenty long years' activities in the second oldest Buddhist temple of China, Da Fa Wang Temple, now the headquarters is relocated in the new buildiing in Deng Feng city, China.

Master Shi Heng Jun is legal representative of the Union (who is also the president of European Chan <Zen> Association / France Shaolin Club in Paris, France).

Main activities of the Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union is to promote Shaolin traditional Gong Fu (Kung Fu), Qigong, wellness, by organizing seminars/workshops and competitions in China, but also through worldwide alliance and cooperation program.

It provides technical guidance, instructors’ and students' seminars to the affiliated branches in China, France, Greece, Spain , Italy, India, Mexico, Morocco....

Around 100 young Chinese boarding students are training Shaolin traditional Kung Fu in Shaolin Traditional Kung Fu School 少林传统功夫 学校 (established in 1995 by Master Shi Heng Jun in Shaolin Temple area). This school is also opened to foreign students, individual or group, all around the year except during the winter season.

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