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SUMMARY ~ Summer 2018 in Song Shan Fawang Temple 嵩山法王寺

Although Fawang Temple welcomes foreign trainees all year round, summer in Fawang is a moment which is rich in experiences and events.

** FINAL EXAM AND CERTIFICATE *** After intensive training from 5:30am daily for weeks, foreign group students demonstrated what they had learnt in public --- Masters, instructors, staffs, all students, and also visitors --- and then they received one by one their well-deserved certificates from Master Shi Heng Jun.

*** SHOW TIME *** Chinese students’ team, besides training, perform regularly in Fawang Temple, which foreign students appreciate a lot, as well as the tourists who happened to visit this China’s second eldest buddhist temple and who were surprised to find authentic Shaolin Kung Fu performance out of tourists cloud. Great thanks to all students coming to Fawang Temple this summer from Greece, France, Morocco, India, Romania, Italy, Belgium, Germany etc... We were so glad to see you and spend a memorable summer with you.

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