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SUMMARY : FAWANG TEMPLE SUMMER CAMP 2019 ~ 05 to 17 August 2019 ~

This year, around 30 students from different countries participated in Shaolin Secular Disciples’ Union’s summer camp 2019 at Fawang Temple, Deng Feng, China, where they exchanged their knowledge, passion and improved their kung fu skill together.

Grand Master Shi Heng Jun, Kanishka shifu from India, Shi Miao Dian shifu from Greece were present in Fawang Temple, together with Chinese instructors.

From beginners’ to instructors’ pedagogical programs have been taught during this two weeks’ time according to ones’ level.

Some foreign students have even joined Kung Fu shows in Fawang Temple held by Shaolin Secular Disciples’ Union and performed Kung Fu taolus (external/internal), Weapons, Qi Gong, Hard Qi Gong with School’s Chinese instructors and trainees.

The authorization letter has been given to Sebastien Morel from Union’s school Shaolin Nantes, France ( for his long years’ contribution to spread Shaolin Kung Fu.

The participants worked hard, but also enjoyed temple’s life, climbing up to the Song Shan mountain top, the guided Feng Shui tour of Fawang temple by Master Shi Heng Jun, a great friendship, and left the temple with an unforgettable memories

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