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Song Shan Fawang Temple

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Shaolin Secular Disciples' Union's warrior monks come back to kung fu training.

However, all international cultural exchange activities of our school in Deng Feng are still suspended now.

We will reorganise our programs and update on this website, please visit us again later.

Spring 2023



Masrer Shi Heng Jun

at Song Mountain

Join year round training session

1 Week (experience class)

2 ~ 4 Weeks or more


Aprende Kung Fu en China

Apprendre le Kung Fu en Chine

Aprenda Kung Fu na China

Impara Kung Fu in Cina

Lerne Kung Fu in China

Aflați Kung Fu în China

Изучите Kung Fu в Китае

चीन में कुंगफू जानें

تعلم الكونغفو في الصين


Kungfu School l Fawang Temple China

about school

English / Francais

Individual / Group / Family / Member

All Levels        from Age 8 ~

Taolu, Weapon, Sanda, Qi Gong

Master Shi Heng Jun 2_edited.jpg

   释恒君师傅 Master Shi Heng Jun


fawang application 2.jpg

Application Step by Step

English / Francais


"Shaolin secular disciples" means those who are unconstrained by Buddhist precepts and are specialized in martial arts training

Fawang Temple training video

Kungfu school Fawang Temple China

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