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Shaolin Temple Secular Disciples' Martial Arts School
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Shaolin Temple Secular Disciples’ Martial Arts School (少林寺俗家弟子武术学校) was established in 1995 by Master Shi Heng Jun in the vicinity of Song Shan Shaolin temple(嵩山少林寺).

Now it is located inside Song Shan Da Fawang Temple (嵩山大法王寺), China’s second oldest buddhist temple in the same Song Shan area of DengFeng city. A magnificent location to learn Shaolin Traditional Kung Fu (Gong Fu). 


Around 60 Chinese boarding students live and learn Shaolin traditional style Kung fu there all round the year.  School has different teams --- sanda, demonstration, weapons, taolus etc. Daily routines of the students have been unchanged since its establishment – 6 to 7 hours’ training daily.


The school hosts also foreign students from all over the world, who wish to learn Kung Fu in the authentic and familial atmosphere :


Period : From March to November

Training date :  Any dates of your choice during above period

Training duration :  2 to 12 weeks (1 week is also possible)

*** For a training of more than 4 weeks, please check entry visa conditions.

Level :  Any level from beginner to competitor.

Instructors : Master Shi Heng Jun, and instructors.

*** please contact us in advance if you wish to join us during Master Shi Heng  Jun’s presence in the temple.

Application :  

- Summer Camp

- Group

- Individual : from 1 person ~ (will be integrated in one of the teams)

- Minors from 8 to 18 years old are accepted only in condition that they are escorted by adult(s) --- family or teacher (group).  Qi Gong / Internal Kung Fu (Shaolin Tai Chi) lessons instead of External Kung Fu can be provided to accompanying adults upon request in advance.

Condition :  Live in the temple’s students’ dormitory, the same life condition as Chinese students.

Basic Cost :     ** RMB (Chinese currency)

Summer Cost July & August (      )

** due to limited number of beds, in summer high season (July & August), foreign students are placed in school dormitory in town. Cost includes daily transfer between the dormitory and the temple.

1 week       2000 RMB  (2200 RMB)

2 weeks     3000 RMB  (3500 RMB)
3 weeks     4500 RMB  (5200 RMB)

4 weeks     6000 RMB  (6800 RMB)
5 weeks     7500 RMB  (8500 RMB)
6 weeks     9000 RMB  (10200 RMB)

7 weeks   10500 RMB  (12000 RMB)

8 weeks   12000 RMB  (13600 RMB)

9 weeks   13000 RMB

10 weeks 14000 RMB

11 weeks 15000 RMB

12 weeks 16000 RMB

*** includes a bed, 3 meals, a Kung Fu outfit, a pair of Feiyue shoes etc. (Kung Fu outfit and shoes are not included  for 1 week application)

*** No additional handling/service charge required ***

School provides invitation letter / admission notice (for X2 visa) for Chinese entry visa application.

It is mandatory to obtain valid visa which covers whole period of your stay, before entering Chinese territory. We do not host any students without valid visa, nor proceed visa extension.


Application Step by Step  (English/Francais)

Life and Training in Fawang Temple  (English/Francais)


For further information and application, please contact us by e-mail (English/Francais).


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