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Life and Training
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Upon arriving in Fawang Temple, after registration and payment,

-        A Kung Fu outfit (from 2 weeks'~ stay only)

-        A pair of Kung Fu shoes (from 2 weeks'~ stay only)

-        Daily necessities (a basin, a toothbrush, a toothpaste, a cup, a bowl, a pair of chopsticks, a towel, a pack of laundry detergent)

are provided to start your stay in Fawang temple.

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On the first training day, except that you have your own group’s program, you are placed in one of the groups according to your level.

Your instructor sees what you need to learn and arranges as per.

However, please feel free to let us know, even prior to your arrival, if you have any specific taolus or weapons which you wish to learn, or any other objective.


Please note that the life in Fawang temple is very simple.

Except in busy season, usually foreign students are assigned in a dormitory of 2 to 6 persons.

There are western style toilets.

Foreign students share the same shower rooms with Chinese students (can be used alone).

Three meals per day, prepared by temple’s cooks every day.

 Inside the school, there is a small shop where you can by snacks, drinks, some daily necessities, and also kung fu outfits and shoes.

During the weekends, you have free time and can go out for sightseeing.

Due to limited number of beds in our dormitory, in busy period you may be placed in a hotel in town.

Please contact us for accommodation availability  upon application.


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