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Life and Training


Upon arriving in our school headquarters in Deng Feng town, after registration and payment,

-        A Kung Fu outfit (from 2 weeks'~ stay only)

-        A pair of Kung Fu shoes (from 2 weeks'~ stay only)

-        Daily necessities (a toothbrush, a toothpaste, etc.)

are provided to start your stay in our school.

kung fu outfit (1).jpg
Daily necessities (1).jpg
Daily necessities (2).jpg
Fawang summer camp.jpg


On the first training day, except that you have your own group’s program, you are placed in one of the groups according to your level.

Your instructor sees what you need to learn and arranges as per.

However, please feel free to let us know, even prior to your arrival, if you have any specific taolus or weapons which you wish to learn, or any other objective.


Foreign students are assigned in a twin room or in a dormitory of 6 persons in our school building in town.

There are western style toilet and shower facilities in each room.

Three meals per day, prepared by school’s cooks every day.

During the weekends, you have free time and can go out for sightseeing.


SSDU New School
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