Welcome to Kung Fu Summer Camp 2018

Welcome to Shaolin Secular Disciples' Union's Kung Fu Summer Camp 2018.

The summer camp will be held from 31th July to 18th August 2018 in China's second oldest buddhist temple, Songshan Fawang temple, under direction of Master Shi Heng Jun and his disciples.

The temple houses Shaolin Temple Secular Disciples' Martial Arts School (est.1995 near Shaolin Temple by Master Shi Heng Jun), and around 100 boarding Chinese students are learning Shaolin traditional kung fu. Some are specialized in Sanda (boxing), and others are practicing various taolus (forms), with or without weapons. You will discover great atmosphere --- outstanding performance and daily life of young trainees in the temple.

You will be a member there and live kung fu trainee's life for three weeks. Jia you (加油)!

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少林俗家弟子联合 / 少林寺俗家弟子武术学校

Shaolin Secular Disciples' Union

Shaolin Temple Secular Disciples' Martial Arts School

address :   Da Fa Wang Temple, Song Shan, Deng Feng, Henan, CHINA

e-mail :     shihengjun2@gmail.com  (International Desk)

Website :   https://www.kungfuchina-fawang-temple.com

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Shaolin Shi Heng Jun